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WebDET / WinDET and the Forest Stewardship Program Important Points

WebDET and WinDET serve two main functions:

  • Management plan writing and on-the-ground accomplishment tracking. Use of these functions is and will remain optional to states.
  • Program reporting in a nationally consistent geo-database. New versions of WebDET and WinDET are being developed to replace PMAS.

As a Management Plan Writing and Spatial Accomplishment Tracking Tool

  • WebDET was initially developed as a management plan writing and spatial accomplishment tracking tool for the Forest Stewardship Program.
    • Use of WebDET in these capacities has always been, and will continue to be, optional.
    • Some states have developed their own tools for plan writing and spatial accomplishment tracking.
    • Some states are using and building on the tools to spatially track all of their agency’s S&PF accomplishments.

As a Program Reporting Tool

  • Since the adoption of new performance measures for the Forest Stewardship Program in 2008, states have been required to maintain a geospatial record of current Forest Stewardship plans. WebDET provides a simple, nationally consistent way to meet the spatial reporting requirement of the Forest Stewardship Program.
  • WebDET will eventually replace PMAS for all Forest Stewardship Program accomplishment reporting.
    • For FY2010, PMAS is in place. Replacing PMAS will only happen after the release and testing of the next version of WebDET, with plenty of notice before required reporting.
    • The next version of the tools is planned to be completed early in FY2011 (Oct.-Nov 2010). See the “Future Development” section for more information.
    • Once the next version of WebDET is ready, at least one person from each state will need access to WebDET for annual reporting purposes. When this change occurs, states will no longer have to separately enter information into PMAS and create SAP map outputs.
  • Once the next version of WebDET is ready, states with their own plan writing systems will annually populate a blank geo-database with the minimum fields required for Forest Stewardship Program accomplishment reporting and upload the geo-database into WebDET.
    • States are free to use their own systems for spatially tracking Forest Stewardship Program accomplishments; the Forest Service will provide a standard database structure to those states so they can upload their year-end accomplishments into the WebDET database in a consistent manner.
    • The minimum required fields will correspond to the current performance measures states report in PMAS.
  • Eventually, WebDET can serve as a one-time accomplishment tracking and reporting tool; a plan or activity is reported once and as long as minimum requirements are met, no other reporting would be necessary.
  • Even when reporting through WebDET is required, plan writing and spatial accomplishment tracking will remain an optional functionality of the program.

Support of WebDET and WinDET

  • Dedicated Help Desk rolled out April 2010.
  • We recognize that migrating historical spatial data of Forest Stewardship Plans to WebDET is a complex endeavor, and the Forest Service can work with states upon request to complete this data migration.
  • There is a group of regional WebDET/WinDET Forest Service coordinators at each Region/Area/Institute to serve as a local point of contact to states.
    • The coordinators maintain communication with states that are using WebDET and WinDET and link with S&PF programs.
    • The coordinators will be familiar with the applications and be able to demonstrate basic functionality to states and partners.
    • In-depth trainings, demos, and any technical support will be provided by the help desk.

Future Development

  • We are now embarking on the next version of the applications which will provide key improvements for a “redesigned” State & Private Forestry.
    • We expect the next versions will be ready for use by October or November 2010.
    • Because the names “WebDET” and “WinDET” do not capture the broad functionality of the tools, we expect to rename the applications as the new version is developed.
  • Several important upgrades are planned for the next versions of the tools:
    • An improved, map-centric user interface, including vertex editing and the ability to turn on and off multiple base layers.
    • Mobile device functionality.
    • Improved usability for other S&PF programs, beyond Forest Stewardship.
    • Ability to attach photos and other documents to plans and activities.
    • Advanced reporting capability, customizable reports to meet State needs.
    • A new level of landscape plans which individual plans can tier to, a key improvement as States start implementing projects in priority areas identified in their Assessments and Strategies.
    • Integration with the NRCS Conservation Planning Database so that Forest Stewardship Plans can be electronically transferred to NRCS, making it easier to get forest landowners signed up for cost-share programs such as EQIP.

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